Thursday, 13 December 2012



(Oh no it isn't- oh YES IT IS!!!)

AHEM! So i just got back from our school's first performence of Alladin. Twas AMAZING!! The bad guy is played by this amazing dude who's just one of those quiet-ish people who are just born to act. The guy's such a stand up comedian- i doff my hat. If he doesn't become an actor, the entertainment industry has lost a vital performer...
ANYWAY! It was just pure brill- everyone played their bit- even me which was just a general hand (but hard working!)- and there were tonnes of laughs. That spirit and atmosphere is just the best- bringing people together so easily. the theatre is just magical ;) It truly is.
AND IT WAS SNOWING!! In which we released some sky lanterns :) And i wore my awesome hat, and ate biscuits...
And generally being my wierdo self around everyone... which i find myself doing LOADS lately. tis wierd, something's changed and i'm being my random self around people i've been reserved around for years with :/

BUT ONYHOO!!  More panto tomorrow ;)

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  1. LOL Sounds so EPICA! I wish I could have been there. It does me good to know that you could be there and experience the fun and success!
    *hugs tight*