Thursday, 20 December 2012

Part 2

Part 2 :) Sorry it's taking so long guys, and that i am virtually non-existant, but there's a tonn going on. Just got the whole panto thing finished; got me part time work to do; schoolwork; and xmas shopping... BUUUT tis the holidays now so i may get more time off ;)

Just want to see have a GREAT Xmas, guys! I hope with all my heart that you have an epical one :) My goft to you is this story part, and hopefully the final bit, too :D

“NJ…I’d thought you’d have learnt from Hellboy’s birthday, that wishes can be a bad thing…” a voice quipped from NJ’s left.

“Wha-?” she groaned as she tried to sit up, though quickly found she couldn’t. Rope bit into her hands and ankles. A sigh resounded from the left again.

“You wished for Ugweeds, didn’t you? God, you must have been bored…”

“Well if you hadn’t ditched me!” NJ glared at Rachel from over her shoulder.

“But I was-!” they both froze when the Ugweed grinned up at them. A frightening experience, be assured.

The stubby little gnome-like creature had a mouth full of massively oversized teeth- all yellow and pointed. Above that terrible mouth was a single olive green eye- the same colour as its _shudder_ flabby, naked body. NJ averted her eyes. On top of its head was a tuft of green weeds, completed by a single thistle flower jutting from the very top. But however weird it, and its kind, looked, NJ and Rachel could not forget the violent havoc they could raise… Nope, unfortunately, they had had experience…

The girls gazed warily down at the Ugweed grinning suspiciously up at them. The stare off was creepy, until a strained moan floated through the air and broke it.

Arthur Tiste sat up with a start, his French beret threatening to fall from his rather unruly mass of hair. No one had noticed his presence before, though NJ noted happily that he now seemed a little less distraught about his painting. Though the bought of unconsciousness probably took his mind off it…and everything else really.

The Ugweed transferred its grin to Mr Tiste, who didn’t immediately notice it. He first frowned at both bound girls, and seemed to notice his own bonds, before finally freezing when his eyes found the odd sight before him.

“Sacre bleu…” he breathed, blinking a few times, before deciding to battle his confusion by promptly passing out again.

NJ rolled her eyes, but whispered under her breath to Rachel behind her. “Safe to use it?”

Rachel nodded, a flicker of a grin showing, as the single Ugweed plodded towards the artist on the floor.

“No mortals around.” She flicked her eyes up around the room, “Security tapes can be dealt with later, yeah?”

“Right. Besides, it’s only one.”



It was time for the magic to happen.

Both NJ and Rachel reached inside themselves, accessing that familiar reservoir of magic that surrounded people like them. It was so natural by now; something they were born to do. As they let the magic ebb through their bodies, each felt complete. Though what each person did after they found that surge of power within them, differed with each person’s instinctive use.

As it was, Rachel was using the pure energy of the magic itself, collecting it and diverting it through her body like blood through veins. As it collected down towards her arms, the energy roe to the surface of her skin, pulsing gently in waves as she got ready for the next part of her on-the-spot-plan.

On the other hand, NJ’s magic was working alongside her genetics. Her shoulder blades cracked, causing both girls to wince… especially since the Ugweed’s attention was back on them. What was most frightening though, was what it did next. It clapped. Once. Then it grinned.

NJ’s shoulder blades snapped again, and she could feel the bones lengthening and shifting about. They began to protrude from her back, through the subtle gaps in the design of her top. They kept growing, and soon enough, soft black quills began to grow from the new bones. As the feathers came through, and the bones stopped growing, NJ gritted her teeth; no matter how many times she disguised herself for trips into the “normal” world, it would always bloody well hurt when growing wings back in.

The doors burst open, and NJ and Rachel turned sharply.

“Uh oh…” Rachel breathed. All NJ could do was nod.

Nothing short of an army of Ugweed stood in the doorway, grinning madly. They faultered, though, ever so slightly when they saw NJ. Clearly, they weren’t expecting their captor’s to be magic users…

Then, by some unspoken agreement, the girls decided it was time to move.

The bonds on Rachel’s hands disintegrated into ta stream of energy, releasing her hands so she could do the same to her friend’s. Soon enough, both ropes had been reduced to nothing but atoms in the air, but Rachel didn’t let them go to waste. Sending the stream zipping through the air towards the Ugweed, they solidified once more, and wrapped themselves around the first wave of little nude, cyclops plant men.

They tripped and fell, but they were quick, and had scrambled over by the time Rachel could even react.

Luckily though, NJ was being quick on her toes… or wings. She plucked Rachel (with relative ease) off the floor just before the Ugweed could shred her to pieces. The angry little creatures jumped and squealed at their flying, escaping prey and split into two groups: one trying to figure out how to recapture Rachel and NJ, and another to deal with the previously forgotten artist, Arthur Tiste.

The Ugweed surround Mr Tiste and picked him up, before carting him off unceremoniously through the doorway and out of sight.

Ugweed squeals, and the sound of NJ’s wing-beats reverberated through the large hall. The one and a half (the other being half Dark Angel) sorceresses took a brief moment to plan.

“Rachel, you need to do something here.” NJ said, raising just high enough so she could hover with comfortable room.

“On it.” Rachel concentrated her energy just like before, but this time let it build and build, until the pressure was even visible to NJ. A keening whine emanated from the growing orb in her hands, and the very air began to vibrate with energy. NJ watched in fascination as she let it loose. Even Rachel wasn’t prepared for the consequences; after all, the girl was all for experimenting, but at least it had roughly the desired effect.

The orb collided with the floor just in front of the Ugweeds, but seemed to explode with a blinding flash and crack. A wave of energy assaulted every single thing in the room: Ugweeds were flying left, right, and centre- the majority unmoving, and the rest barely doing so; paintings and sculptured were smashed or knocked from the walls; the skylight cracked, along with even a few parts of the walls.

But in no way were NJ and Rachel saved from the blast. Rachel was hit full force, knocking NJ back into the gallery wall before tumbling to the floor from 6feet in the air. NJ managed to break her fall somewhat with her aviation advantage. But she still ended up on the floor, coughing on the dust from the various cracks in the plaster, taking in the mini disaster zone her friend had created.

“Um… you know this wasn’t exactly what I meant by “do something”…” NJ chastised, only to realise Rachel hadn’t gotten back up.

“Rach?” NJ reached over tentatively to her friend’s neck and grinned when she found a pulse point. She sighed in a big huff of air.

“Unconscious yet again… this cannot be good for us.”

NJ shifted Rachel into a more comfortable position, and, judging she’d be safe for the time being, picked her reluctant way across the floor between all the fallen Ugweed.

“Jeez… she’s dangerous…” NJ muttered, before giving up, and just jumped into the air with a few powerful wing-beats and flapping off through the door after the rest of the Ugweed and Mr Tiste.


Thursday, 13 December 2012



(Oh no it isn't- oh YES IT IS!!!)

AHEM! So i just got back from our school's first performence of Alladin. Twas AMAZING!! The bad guy is played by this amazing dude who's just one of those quiet-ish people who are just born to act. The guy's such a stand up comedian- i doff my hat. If he doesn't become an actor, the entertainment industry has lost a vital performer...
ANYWAY! It was just pure brill- everyone played their bit- even me which was just a general hand (but hard working!)- and there were tonnes of laughs. That spirit and atmosphere is just the best- bringing people together so easily. the theatre is just magical ;) It truly is.
AND IT WAS SNOWING!! In which we released some sky lanterns :) And i wore my awesome hat, and ate biscuits...
And generally being my wierdo self around everyone... which i find myself doing LOADS lately. tis wierd, something's changed and i'm being my random self around people i've been reserved around for years with :/

BUT ONYHOO!!  More panto tomorrow ;)

Edinburgh :D

So, as we all know, it is the Christmas season! (YEAH!!) And Inverness sucks for shops, and i am a madman for wanting to travel, so myself and my friend went to Edinburgh for a couple of days on Friday/Saturday last week.
I thoroughly recomend that you go during the xmas season- Princes street gardens are all done up with rides and the German market takes up most of the floor space with EVERYTHING you could imagine ;) The atmosphere was amazingly festive and bubble. Especially in the evening.
So we went to the market in the eveing after getting settled into the hotel (which i trapsed everywhere trying to find when it was simply just up and round the road a bit...). We went on the carouselle and had an amazing evening, before heading to bed before a long day on Saturday.
Amongst general shopping (in which i baught this AWESOME hat- i got the crap scared out of me at LEAST twice thanks to the oddballness of us scots ;)
I was walking past one of the closes and saw something billowing out the corner of my eye, and turned to see a dead looking yoda with a big sheet around it, and turned to my friend to complain- rather loudly- how much it scared the crap out of me. Then i looked back... and the yoda thing was shushing me- had a LITERAL heartattack almost XD
Then - in another close i might add- i saw this dude stagger up the stair, and thought, is he alright? So i stopped a few meters away to see if he emerged ok, when he comes out...
It was this guy wo had his suit up past his head, and had a hat and pair of specs hanging from wired above his head...
Yet another shock moment...
And THEN we ran into this street performer who was swallowing swords...

*sigh* We wierd scots XD

Ach weel- enjoy a mad pic of me and ma friend, Charlotte ;) Guess which is me!

And again...
sorry it's upside down...