Monday, 5 November 2012

Part 1!

Don't you guys feel special... Not ONLY do you get a pic tonight, but this!


This... *cough* isNJ'ssecondpartofherbirthdaypresent...

YUP! I feel so guilty i never finished this MONTHS ago, but at last it is here! Or at least part 1 is. but the good thing is, there's only 2 parts, and it is TRULY almost done :)


Ugweeds at the Gallery


This can’t be art, can it? was NJ’s only thought as she gazed aghast at the canvas before her. She cursed Rachel under her breath. Thinking back, she couldn’t recall how she’s managed to drag NJ along to an art gallery of all things on her birthday… In all honesty, she couldn’t think of anything worse she could be doing. Even- NJ shuddered at the thought- fighting Ugweeds. A whole band of them. Single handed. Even without using magic, just to make things interesting.

But this painting was doing nothing to change her outlook on the tragic excuse for art nowadays. She gazed at the painting she now found herself in front of. Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed. The canvas was yellow, with a grand total of what she could only describe as six white scribbles scrawled across its surface. A patronizing eyebrow was raised. Even, NJ thought a blood spatter or something would make it a little more interesting to look at.

But after an entire three seconds of attempting to give the picture her full attention, she gave up, and turned to Rachel to moan about how belittling picture gazing was to her reputation. Especially gazing at pictures that a rampant five year old could replicate with nothing but its fingers and a pot of paint. But her friend was not there.

“Wha-!” NJ turned, mouth agape, to the picture. “She abandoned me! In an art gallery!” Only the paintings heard her outcry; no one else was sad enough to go to an art gallery, after all…

NJ glared at the picture with the six white scribbles as if its mere presence was offending; as if it was the loner kid your parent abandons you to play with because no one else dare d to get caught doing so. No, Rachel was probably sniggering at her from the next room or something. She could almost hear it now…

She was just about to storm off to give her friend a piece of her mind, already planning a “proper things to do on birthdays” speech, when a sudden tickle assaulted her nose.

And before she could stop it, she sneezed all over six-scribble-painting.

And she watched in horror as the paint began to ooze down the canvas in slow, mortal dribbles of lifeblood.

And then she noticed the price-tag.

And then she legged it. Or at least, she thought about it. Until a big, grief stricken squeal sounded from behind her.

“Mon painting!” NJ turned guiltily around to find herself face to face with a ruffle looking man with the type of little French beret that just screamed artist. Tears looked just about ready to fall from his eyes.

Good God, NJ though, praying for those rogue Ugweeds to just come barrelling through these depressing halls. Anything, just to get away from this…mortal’s situation… NJ was not someone who could deal with upset little artists with less than tasteful paintings of scribbles… God, Rachel was going to get it when she found her.

“I am so sorry, Mr Artist, sir. But I, um…can fix it? You know, just give me some paint and I’ll fix those scribbles right up there-“

The little French man wailed his blubbering outrage. “NOOooo!”

“Well,” NJ interjected quickly (and somewhat desperately), “I can get my friend to pay for it… I’m sure she’s around here somewhere.”

“No! Mon painting… she was one of a kind…” he sighed dejectedly, “I, Arthur Tiste, must find new inspiration for a new masterpiece…!”

Now that money, and a fix-it, had been rejected, NJ felt like she’d done all she could, and was promptly trying to sneak away whilst Mr Tiste mourned his ding artwork.

But then the door burst open. And an Ugweed bounded in.

Keep tuned people :D



    Loved the Story Rachel!!
    Just Fantastically Brilliant!!
    Thank you so Much for this!

  2. *gazex at the art which now glitters with NJ's precious snot* WOW! SO BEAUtIFUL! AND PrICeleSS!
    *cuddles the adorable litte French artist while twirling his long handlebar moustash*

    BRILLIANT AND HILARIOUS RACHEL! I read it a second time and laughed just as much as the 1st time!
    Cant' wait to see what happend in the next part!
    *happily hugs Rachel and NJ* :D